We are a group of socialists in the UK who oppose lockdown policy on the basis that it doesn’t work, is based on bad science and causes unnecessary harm and deaths to society. The impact of lockdown is most severe on the working class and vulnerable people, including children.

We are committed to the scientific method and evidence-based health policies and medical practice. We thoroughly reject the rise of ‘scientism’, an appeal to the unimpeachable authority of science and scientists who happen to promote the government line, which is used to attack any person criticising lockdown as ‘dangerous’ or a ‘crank’. No one scientific practice, theory or consensus can ever represent absolute truth. All scientific theories, especially those that affect people’s lives to a large extent, should be subject to questioning on the basis of evidence and theory that follows rigorous scientific standards.

As it stands we are a handful of socialists, almost alone on the Left in our rejection of lockdown policy and the slide towards covid-fascism. It would be foolish and pointless for us to construct grand programmes and proclamations of what we think people should do, given the extreme minority we find ourselves in. Therefore, our main priority at this time is to popularise and extend our analysis among socialists and the wider public, and to convince people that lockdown is wrong and that opposition to this sociopathic policy is the correct course of action.

This “new normal” is going to be with us for the foreseeable future, and so a working class, socialist anti-lockdown movement must be built on firm foundations. We hope to contribute to building such a movement, theoretically and practically.

All guest articles express solely the views of their respective authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the Left Lockdown Sceptics editorial board.

The Left Lockdown Sceptics are…

Bruce Wallace; Lifelong socialist involved in the Labour Party Young Socialists in the 1970’s. Subsequently a founding member of the Scottish Socialist Party. Former supporter of Marxist World. Currently a Children’s Safeguarder and live in Angus, Scotland with wife Anne.

David Fletcher, from Buckinghamshire, member of UNITE the union, former supporter of Marxist World, former Labour Party member (Corbyn era), father of three and webmaster of this site.

Jo Nash, from London. Libertarian socialist, feminist and activist, and former Labour Party member. Worked in the mental health field for decades as a nurse, researcher, lecturer, advocate, and trainer. Recently returned to the UK after many years abroad during the pandemic when her travels came to a halt. Currently working as a freelance research editor from her home on the Fife coast.

John Ball, previously involved in the anarchist and anti-fascist movements in the past, supported Corbyn’s Labour Party, probably some kind of libertarian socialist at heart. Two kids.

Paul Nash, from Northamptonshire, committed socialist and member of UNITE the union, former Socialist Party and former Labour Party member (Corbyn era), but currently without a political party to call home. Former supporter of Marxist World. Recently left working for a local council due to the utter chaos within it caused by over 10 years of Tory funding cuts. Now working for a private IT company.

Ray Rising, from East End of London, 73 year old life-long Marxist (Leninist-Trotskyist). Retired former builder and photo-journalist who’s a convinced revolutionary. May not agree with all the subsequent postings on this site but believes the opening statement is principled and correct.

Teagan Hill, from Eastleigh, member of UNITE the union, former Labour Party member (Corbyn era) and now member of the Workers Party of Britain.

Victor Conti, from West Yorkshire, member of the UCU, former supporter of Marxist World, still a member of the Labour Party but in total opposition to the Starmer leadership.