Every Official UK Covid Death to be Investigated

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Reproduced from https://www.covid19assembly.org/2021/03/dr-clare-craig-of-the-covid19-assembly-introduces-the-covid-deaths-audit/

Covid19 Assembly announces today that for the first time in the UK it is setting up a team which will audit all Covid deaths.

Many concerns about the coding of Covid deaths have been raised including:

  • The sidelining of inquests.
  • The deficiencies of tests.
  • The alleged pressure on medical and care home staff to enter ‘Covid’ on certificates if a death has occurred within 28 days of a positive test.

This follows the publication of an article by Bel Mooney about the death of her father. (A link to the article from 19/02/21 can be found here.) Since then many similar cases have been recorded by Covid19 Assembly in which a loved one’s cause of death was recorded as ‘Covid’ although the deceased was never exposed to an outbreak, never showed any Covid symptoms and never tested positive to the virus. The government has not responded to calls for a public enquiry.

Overseen by pathologist, Dr Clare Craig, the Covid19 Assembly team comprises experienced health professionals, researchers, data analysts and legal experts. They are now collecting evidence from medical staff, coroners, bereaved family members, registrars, funeral directors and mortuary staff. The aim is to ascertain to what extent (if any) official figures have been skewed by legislative changes to the registration of deaths.

Public Health expert and CEO David Fleming states:

In a pandemic, it is crucial that the public, as well as those who mandate medical, social and economic policy, have full access to accurate and reliable data.  The scope of our audit is ambitious.  We shall be collecting evidence nationwide and are confident that many professionals and members of the public will respond to our call for information.

Covid19 Assembly was founded in September 2020 to provide accurate data to the public and to serve as a centrepoint for groups requiring neutral, evidence-based information on a wide range of matters concerning the Covid crisis.

The Assembly’s advisors include pathologist, Dr Clare Craig, Harvard Professor of Medicine, Dr Martin Kulldorff,  barrister, Francis Hoar, and journalist, Toby Young.

Visit the Covid Deaths Audit page here.

For further information contact: mail@covid19Assembly.org

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