Pandemic Aftermath: Understanding the Reveal Stage of the Pandemic Play – Are We Winning?

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Editor’s note: The extent to which the events of 2020-21 were war-gamed and planned for cannot be understated. In this article, Rusere Shoniwa discusses the significance of a pandemic scenario published in 2017 by Johns Hopkins which anticipates a public backlash against the health damage caused by a hastily rolled-out medical countermeasure and plans for how to control it: “Public health communicators” are advised to keep their “grip” on the public and quash doubts or concerns using their control of “social media technologies”. Unfortunately, it seems that the plan is working.

pandemic aftermath

The SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028, published by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security in October 2017, is another of those amazingly prescient, yet “entirely fictional” scenario plans that ended up looking like the blueprint for the actual covid pseudo pandemici. It is in fact the prequel to that other freakishly coincidental pandemic wargame, Event 201, hosted in October 2019 (a few weeks before SARS-COV-2 hit the headlines) by the same institution along with the CIA and the World Economic Forum (WEF). What business does the CIA and its brainchild, the WEF, have going anywhere near public health strategy planning? Absolutely none, unless of course public health strategy is to be used as a nefarious special purpose vehicle for intelligence services and the global corporate oligarchy.

If you’re not yet up to speed on pandemic planning shenanigans, check out this brilliant investigative report by German journalist Paul Schreyer who traces the 20-year arc of pandemic simulation wargaming involving collaborations between the most prestigious medical scientific institutions, the mainstream media, and government intelligence agencies – the latter two being a very peculiar inclusion in any nexus of front-line public health strategy planning. This report by Schreyer is a vital contribution to the copious body of evidence demonstrating the Machiavellian planning which preceded the covid pseudo pandemic.

This particular scenario plan, which I will frequently refer to in this essay as the Pandemic Play, was “designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges” posed by an infectious disease outbreak. [emphasis added]. Important to stress from the outset – not actual public health risks, but PR risks. In short, it’s concerned with what those with unwashed brains would instantly recognise as brainwashing. For the purposes of this essay the question is, why bother dusting off a five-year-old simulated pandemic plan when the actual events have been slapping us in the face, and very hard I might add, for the past two years?

The answer to that is provided by a James Delingpole tweet which suggests that a key endpoint of the plan – ‘vaccination’ – was anticipated to fail. What’s more, having planned something they knew was destined to fail, the planners also banked on snatching victory from the jaws of defeat by escaping any meaningful punishment or opprobrium. As the evidence of the scale of the ‘vaccine’ atrocity mounts, there is a feeling, among those of us who are most aware and most disgusted with it all, that the tide is turning in our favour and we now have the planners up against the ropes. But is this true or have the pandemic planners merely adapted their own version of Ali’s famous rope-a-dope tactic?

Laying a trap like this makes perfect sense – if you’re going to come up with a plan as preposterous as the ‘Pandemic That Never Was’ to mass inject a ‘Vaccine That Never Was’, you really ought to make allowance for enough people getting wise and blowing the whistle. And that’s precisely what they did. The challenge for the true Machiavellian scholar is how to use the inevitable discovery to transform the heroes who expose the villainy into tragic figures who end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

We are in the Reveal stage of the pseudo pandemic – the denouement – but before we turn to the relevant part of the Pandemic Play to understand what the planners had in store at the time they wrote the final act, it would be remiss not to comment on the character of the document in its entirety.

Blurred lines – pandemic mitigation or pandemonium management?

It is a masterclass in absurdity which has its roots in the inherent contradiction in drafting a plan that purports to deal with the inevitable fallout of a manufactured crisis while pretending that the crisis is not manufactured. Its aim is to present failure scenarios to public health spin doctors, referred to as “public health risk communicators”, and invite them to “mentally rehearse responses” to these failures. But, in providing pitiful explanations for all the failure scenarios, it effectively exposes the Medical Counter Measures (MCMs) of a corrupt pseudo pandemic for the sham that they are.

Instead of mitigating the consequences of a real pandemic, the MCMs are the very things that perversely create the necessity for narrative spin and psyops. Which is of course exactly how it panned out when the plan was transported from the 2017 stage play into the real world. Lockdowns, masks, and mass vaccination were/are all massively destructive and therefore all necessitated military grade psyops to shoehorn them in. It tries to get around this by deflecting blame for MCM failure, which is presented in two ways: either as the inevitable consequence of being caught in the whirlwind of a pandemic – hence, ‘not our fault, guv’, or; not a failure at all but rather the appearance of failure stemming from the public’s incorrect perception of the situation – again, ‘not our fault, guv’! Stupid, stupid public!

Thus, the line between using communications as a tool to disseminate health information and using communications as a tool to manipulate public perception about health policies is blurred, and not skilfully either.

Medical and scientific issues are falsified through deliberate over-simplification, and front-line doctors, the second most important protagonists in a pandemic story after the patient, are conspicuous by their absence.

Because its primary aim is narrative spin, it’s an information warfare manual. The battleground is social media platforms, and the imperative is for public health agencies to adopt “a diverse range of social media technologies” since it is “the diversity of new information and media platforms” that is “challenging their technological grip”. Apposite choice of language since no dictator accepts a challenge to his grip.

In short, it describes a crisis which turns out not to be a crisis but primes public health officials to treat it as a crisis anyway. It describes treatments which turn out to be ineffective because the public is being used as experimental fodder, but challenges public health officials to come up with innovative ways to gaslight the public into believing this is how science is really supposed to work. It is a ‘public health’ psyops manual written by people without a conscience (pandemic planners) for people without a conscience (the “risk communicators”).

I have parsed some of the more ludicrous subplots in the Pandemic Play in footnotes to this essay under the following headings:

(Reading the footnotes isn’t essential to an understanding of the arguments I make in the main body of the article, but I hope they prove the underdeveloped mindset of the pandemic planners and the contempt in which they hold the public.)

Constructing a new reality – will they succeed?

While the Johns Hopkins Pandemic Play looks like The Moron’s Guide to Public Health Relations, it would be a mistake to conclude that the authors are themselves morons. The document looks bizarre precisely because it’s an instruction manual for people whose job is ad hoc reality dismantling and reconstruction – the “public health risk communicators”.

It is undoubtedly sinister because of its prediction of all the ‘errors’ and ‘mistakes’ that were made in the manufactured covid ‘pandemic’. In the latter sections of the document – the Reveal stage – the planners anticipate fallout from being unable to keep a lid on vaccine injury. Nevertheless, a somewhat happy ending for the pandemic planners is fashioned in their Pandemic Play. So, will they succeed in constructing the reality they desire?

In the 2017 playbook, as “claims of adverse side effects beg[i]n to emerge”, the pandemic planners coyly suggest that the demands for the “removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies” will be deflected by the “emergency appropriation of [taxpayer] funds”. Because God forbid that Big Pharma, having siphoned off billions from the taxpayers’ purse for efficiently distributing poison, might then be subjected to the humiliation of footing the bill for the injuries caused by it.

The pandemic planners were also prepared for the ethical quandary of hastily mass injecting an experimental preparation with no long-term safety data. The ‘rare’ side effect rebuttal is alluded to by reference to “relatively few reports of neurological symptoms” while the problem is framed as an overblown social media response. Ultimately the blame is placed squarely at the feet of an ignorant public – those “demand[ing] proof that the vaccines [do] not cause long-term effects” are “displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific research”! You just don’t get it, so let me spell it out to you on behalf of the pandemic planners. You, the entire public, the 5.3 billion people injected so far – you are the subjects of the experiment, and the experiment isn’t over until the CDC, FDA, MHRA et al say it is. You are the long-term data. You may die in the process but that’s science in the 21st century!

The anti-science and anti-human proposition that most people in the Western world appear to have accepted is that medications are simply presumed safe until real-life post-marketing data tells us that they aren’t. They also signed a full waiver of liability. This, in a nutshell, has been a major objective of the covid coup – to pervert the paradigm of what ethical drug experimentation entails.

We now have Pfizer executives telling us that jabbing 5.3 billion people with a ‘vaccine’ that wasn’t even tested to meet the essential criterion for a vaccine – preventing transmission – was unavoidable because they had to move “at the speed of science”. Just think about the implications of such a cretinous statement – the safety of the entire planet was entrusted to mindless psychopaths who laugh at our expense by talking about moving “at the speed of science”.

While the statement is cretinous, the Pfizer executives are not cretins. They are pretending to be cretins because they firmly believe that this is the level of the general public’s consciousness, and they are therefore confident that the public should be spoken to at that level. But they know full well that science is not a fast car on a racetrack. They know that science is a painstaking process for determining truth in the material world and that it is propelled forward by the accumulation of knowledge which has accrued over thousands of years.

The victory of these psychopaths over reason and real science is now borne out by the eight-mouse test for approving ‘boosters’, which is the outcome of a “Future Framework” report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to green-light the release of updated covid shots without conducting any additional clinical trials. The new medical Wild West is no accident; it was planned, and the 2017 Johns Hopkins Pandemic Play was simply laying the groundwork for a new reality.

The 2017 handbook’s solution to public grizzling about vaccine injury is to “communicate with compassion and genuine sympathy toward those in the vaccinated population who experience medical issues subsequent to being vaccinated”. Tellingly, the pandemic planners’ confidence in the public’s capacity for absorbing abuse is conveyed in the prediction of its “broad willingness to accept a prescribed countermeasure that promised to end the pandemic, but whose long-term consequences were not fully understood at the time.” Shit happens. The public will deal with it.

So, to the Pandemic Play’s denouement:

“The investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down…Exhausted employees of these agencies…simply wanted to put the whole response behind them. Little desire remained on the part of decision-makers or those who served in the trenches during the response to rehash the events of the past several years.”

Alas, a public selfishly wrapped up in the petty dramas of lockdown trauma and ‘vaccine’ injury is predicted to be unappreciative of those poor souls in the public health agencies who “served their time in the trenches”. Can life get more unfair than this?

And of course, the pandemic planners underline in the very last paragraph the only two components that make a for a happy and successful pandemic experience: “continued commitment to vaccination programs as well as accurate, culturally appropriate, and timely communication from public health agencies across the planet.” It’s all about the ‘vaccine’ and the PR spin to get it into arms – that’s it, in a nutshell.

The End.

It’s both anti-climactic and anti-truth: mass vaccination has never ended a pandemic. What’s more, the utter failure of this ‘vaccine’ deployment in the covid p[l]andemic has forced the CDC to unwittingly declare the vaccination paradigm – prevention of infection and transmission – defunct through a change in the traditional definition of vaccination. The vaccination paradigm is dead. The funeral has not yet been held but its tombstone will read: “Killed by the CDC in 2021”.

The hypothetical story’s ending is intended to be anti-climactic because the implication is that, although there will be some grizzling from the sheep, it will be successfully dampened down by the public health psyops warriors with “culturally appropriate” communication. Lessons will be learned and incorporated into the next Pandemic Play. All’s well that ends well. Above all, the masses will have been acculturated to pandemic tyranny in all its chaos, manipulation and bio-fascist experimentation.

That’s how the pandemic nightmare ends in The SPARS Pandemic Play written by the Johns Hopkins Centre for Health Security. Not with the anguished screams of a violent awakening which typically brings nightmares to an end. No. Just a bit of whinging from an ungrateful public and a few exhausted public health warriors taking a well-earned break from trying to convince the impudent masses how lucky they were to have been shepherded by such valiant, clever and selfless people. It ends this way because, for the pandemic planners, it’s not a nightmare; it’s a dream. And not any kind of dream either. It’s a lucid dream, one that they control. Or so they believe. Will the pandemic planners control the covid Reveal stage now playing out in the same way they controlled the Pandemic Play Reveal stage?

Four possible endings to the covid Reveal stage

Are the pillars at last crumbling as Mark Sharman suggests? It feels like it. We have ‘revelations’ by MEPs that, shock and horror, Pfizer knew all along that they hadn’t tested their ‘vaccine’ for stopping transmission. Actually, we knew that two years ago in October 2020. Will dominoes start to fall in the UK following calls from a top-flight cardiologist to halt the vaccine programme? What will happen in the US now that Florida’s Surgeon General has advised all males aged 18-39 against having a covid vaccine owing to an associated 84% increase in cardiac-related death? Bear in mind, it was foretold in the Pandemic Play.

There might be a coming storm but will the pandemic planners weather it? Time for a thought experiment. Let’s ponder four possible closing scenes to the covid drama with some thoughts on the plausibility and likelihood of each.

1: Justice prevails

Dr Peter McCollough, the most published cardiologist in his field in history, has recently said:

“When Republicans come to power in the House they’ll start to have real strong subpoena power, investigation power…I think the FDA commissioner is in deep trouble, NIH Division Directors in deep trouble, CDC director, you know, they’re gonna have nowhere to hide.”

Ed Dowd, financial investor and former Black Rock manager, when asked by Naomi Wolf if ‘vaccine’ manufacturers’ immunity from liability could be lifted owing to fraud, responded:

“If fraud is proven it vitiates all contracts…so immunity will be broken and not only are individuals going to sue, governments are going to sue…the daisy chain effects of this are mind boggling…it will take down the FDA, the CDC, the NIH. It’ll take down many politicians’ careers, global governments will be shaken to the core…”

Whether criminality will be fairly dealt with by the justice system hinges on the answer to the question: how deep is the Deep State? We are in the middle of a global financial oligarchic coup d’état masterminded by the major intelligence agencies of the world with the CIA as the capo di tutti capi. They’re not just going to fold. Being on the back foot with the ‘vaccine’ crisis is an added incentive to accelerate the other manufactured crises currently on the burner – the Ukraine war / energy crisis. These have the potential to dwarf the ‘vaccine’ crisis.

What’s more, if the pressure really mounts, governments captured by Big Pharma and the corporate oligarchy are likely to defend Big Pharma’s liability protection by expanding government vaccine injury compensation schemes in some way. It’s debt that ordinary taxpayers will shoulder, not the oligarchy. And they are firmly committed to ‘resetting’ it in the coming collapse anyway.

2: Mob justice prevails

If the criminals responsible for these atrocities are untouchable by the system they own and run, we might consider the possibility imagined by John O’Looney, the whistleblowing funeral director who is certain that justice will not come from the courts but from the collective masses. He is pessimistic about court justice prevailing for the reasons I have stated above:

“Because you cannot reason with genocidal maniacs, there is no “law system” that will work, they run the law system and they already totally ignore it – it doesn’t apply to them.”

This is how O’Looney sees the covid pandemic final scene playing out:

“The people who have had their kids sterilised, the people who have had their family members murdered and maimed by these injections…will target those they can get to” and not the ones who called the shots but who will be unreachable – the Johnsons and the Trudeaus of the West. As one fearful nurse who sees the writing on the wall put it: “when they find out what we have done they will stone us to death.

He also suggests this descent into civil war is “by design” but it’s not clear what the intended end point of this design is and how it works for the forces that orchestrated this disaster. At any rate, I think that the problem with this scenario is that it’s the violent fantasy of those who are rightly angry, but conjured on behalf of the injured, and for that reason is unlikely to manifest in reality. Those who are angry but didn’t fall for the cruel ‘vaccine’ hoax have the luxury of engaging in such fantasies. However, those who fell for the hoax and got injured are either broken or in denial.

I cannot see violent mass uprisings happening, although sporadic acts of vengeful violence are a possibility that The System could easily cope with under narratives of domestic terrorism, unhinged anti-vaxxers and so forth. In any event, I think it’s unlikely that large-scale mob justice will grip nations in the West and particularly in the UK. Why? Because this is not South Africa, and I don’t say that to disparage South Africans. But when South Africans get angry, they tend to make a good fist of it. Not so much here. Revolution doesn’t come easy to these British Isles, which may have a gene for repression running through them.

Additionally, a culture of abject statism mitigates against mob rule. Most people accepted that the state had a right to manage their health risks. On the one hand, this does mean that people will seek redress for state failure by queueing for compensation. However, provided that this process is carefully stage managed by the state, people will accept the token crumbs handed out by compensation schemes. At the root of self-abasing statism is an infantile acceptance of parental authority by the state even when the state proves itself to be a thoroughly bad parent. After ‘mistakes’, the debate turns to ‘learning lessons’ and ‘reform’, and the cycle repeats ad nauseam. Refer to the next possibility below.

3: Narrative control by pandemic planners

C J Hopkins calls the Reveal stage The Morning After and he paints a depressing story of how the pandemic planners emerge victorious. “After being systematically terrorized, gaslighted, threatened, and otherwise tormented” for the past 2.5 years, most people are probably going to be “grateful for anything resembling “normality,” no matter how fascistic it turns out to be”. Populations are now ripe for an introduction to a new reality. Yes it’s true many people are realising that they were sold a crock, but running parallel to that realisation is process of forcing themselves to believe that they never believed that crock in the first place.

Hopkins describes the “really nauseating” part prophesied by our ‘risk communication’ experts at Johns Hopkins – the bit where the New Normal psychopaths pretend to respond to the outrage “with compassion and genuine sympathy”. They’ll admit “mistakes were made” and express regret at the needless infliction of murder, mayhem and psychological torture. There may even be one of those public enquiries that airs just enough of the right kind of dirty linen, but nothing too smelly. These enquiries are like truth and reconciliation commissions – they work very well for the establishment by providing catharsis without justice. Full-time score: Humanity – 0; Pandemic Planners – 10.

4: No narrative control required – bigger fish to fry

There is a very serious possibility that the Pandemic Planners might have no need for a Reveal stage or a Morning After. They seem to be taking another approach, which is to create ever bigger and hotter pans to fry us in. There’s a manic rush to get us all securely under lock and key by 2030 so they might end up skipping parts of the show that were included in the draft 2017 script. Having a Reveal or Morning After scene in the play is a luxury we might want to forgo when we’ve got Dying of Cold, Food Shortages, Deindustrialisation Caused by The Energy Crisis, Financial Collapse, Cold War II, Unemployment and Bank Runs on the horizon. Did I mention Nuclear Fallout? With such an action-packed agenda, I think the loyal patrons might be only too happy to skip a whitewashed Chilcot enquiry for ‘vaccines’ and The Pandemic That Never Was.

Which option will prevail?

I do not believe that a reckoning on the ‘vaccine’ crime is imminent. That’s not to say it won’t happen. Just don’t hold your breath. The CDC in the US has just doubled down by approving, for the first time, an unlicensed (Emergency Use Authorisation) covid ‘vaccine’ to be added to the childhood immunisation schedule. The good news there though is that Florida is set to lead the way in red states sticking two fingers up at the Federal death cult. But the UK regulator is mulling over jabs for infants as young as six months and the UK Government, having been petitioned to open an inquiry into covid ‘vaccine’ safety, has declined to do so. The Government is a fugitive on the run from prosecution for crimes against humanity. They’re going to keep running until they are caught.

Of all the scenarios discussed above, my money is on the last one – an avalanche of new crises that will put the Reveal stage in the rear-view mirror, at least for a time. That does not rule out a ‘vaccine’ reckoning but it delays it and ultimately makes it dependent on the outcome of the next stage of the coup. The corporate oligarchy’s preferred candidate for UK PM, Sunak, has been anointed and the Government is retreating from the covid battlefield to launch an offensive in the financial collapse arena. This retreat actually began under Johnson in early February and, so far, shows no signs of u-turning.

There remains a chance that covid restrictions in some shape could return under Sunak’s WEFminster premiership, but my gut tells me it’s more unlikely than likely, even if only by a slim margin. I want to emphasise that the margin is slim because lies and u-turning are now the norm and the Government continues to work feverishly on covid passes despite the assurances that covid passes are a thing of the past.

The short-term aim of financial collapse is further wealth consolidation by the global corporate oligarchy, after which they will attempt to set the stage for a debt and monetary reset, the precursor to CBDCs and digital IDs.

Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Whether they are conscious of it or not, the pandemic planners responsible for the Johns Hopkins SPARS Pandemic Play are proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in which information is the new currency and the most important tool of control. To that end, it can be used to bend reality into the shapes the controllers want you to see. In a world where objective truth is deemed to be the arbiter of action, a pandemic is an event that demonstrably causes severe illness and sincere efforts are accordingly directed towards saving lives. But, under the 4IR paradigm, a pandemic is an event conjured by pandemic planners to direct efforts towards data manipulation and social media control, creating the perception of a grave health threat in order to control the populace.

Of course, information has always been a means of control. But until now, the possibility has never existed for the whole of humanity to be locked up in a digital hell to which the keys are held by a cabal of psychopathic technocrats. In this hell, the safety and efficacy of drugs are determined not by real health outcomes but by the medical establishment’s “technological grip” on social media platforms. The WEF’s vision of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the cementing of the new totalitarianism. Hannah Arendt put it this way:

“The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (that is, the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (that is, the standards of thought) no longer exist.”

Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism

But the Fourth Industrial Revolution can go one of two ways. Either we can seize its reins to liberate the internet and decentralise control, or we are herded into a totalitarian matrix. The battle for the internet is the battle for your minds. If you don’t own your mind, you don’t own your body. And if you don’t own your body, you are the slave of those who control your mind and body. Will you be a slave?

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I: Before the World Health Organisation softened the definition of pandemics in 2009 in order to make them a regular occurrence in the calendar, a key characteristic of pandemics was disease severity. The covid ‘pandemic’ saw negligible excess mortality in nearly all countries including the UK until 2021, when coincidentally, mass jabbing began. The covid infection fatality rate for the under 70s is estimated to be 0.1%. The event was no worse than a bad flu season, and bad flu seasons are not treated as pandemics. Hence the qualification of the word ‘pandemic’ with the word ‘pseudo’.

II: Is there actually a problem?

At the outset of the 2017 Johns Hopkins Pandemic Play, in chapter 1, it is recognised that the prevalence of mild cases combined with the broad range of non-specific flu-like symptoms of the pathogen – eerily reminiscent of covid symptoms – would result in an initial inflation of case fatality estimates owing to large numbers of untreated and undiagnosed cases in the general population. This initial inflation would spark panic, but the document acknowledges that “later in the SPARS outbreak, data that included more accurate estimates of mild SPARS cases indicated a case fatality rate of only 0.6%.” Which is basically what happened with covid very early on – panic created by bogus models, followed by irrefutable evidence that the threat was grossly exaggerated.

At this point, the true “communication dilemma” is obvious to sane and honest observers: how do you tell the public that there is no longer a public health emergency and that we’ve got the equivalent of a bad flu, so keep calm and carry on but mind how you go. And oddly enough the answer to that dilemma would be: “Dear Joe Public, we’ve got the equivalent of a bad flu, so keep calm and carry on but mind how you go.”

Needless to say, that is not the tack the document takes. Instead, it goes on to describe a feature of the virus, something not known to have ever existed before in respiratory viruses – yes you guessed it, asymptomatic spread. That scenario, conjured out of absolutely nothing, was as preposterous in 2017 as it is now and its nightmarish invention two years before the ‘pandemic’, ungrounded as it was in any scientific evidence, is proof positive that malevolence has been in the air for far longer than we knew. The SPARS info warriors sum up the communication dilemma with this question: “What medical and morale-boosting purposes does sharing information about self-protective actions (eg, infection control measures) serve for the public during an uncertain and fear-instilling situation?”

So, at the very beginning of the scenario plan the “risk communicators” are indoctrinated into a thematic undercurrent that runs through the whole document – avoidance of the colossal elephant in the room, which is that there actually might not be a ‘public health emergency’, as evidenced by the acknowledgement of the “case fatality rate of only 0.6%.”. An inability or unwillingness on the part of the “risk communicators” to see this gigantic flashing neon sign is taken as a given because they are expected to be uncritical automatons incapable of stepping outside their field of expertise – public brainwashing – to ask paradigm-shifting questions like: is there really is a public health crisis and, even if there was, would military grade psyops and manipulation be the ethical way to address it? And in fairness to The John Hopkins Centre, their assessment of public health ‘risk communicators’ is spot on – covid has proved them to be grade-A morons incapable of asking big picture questions.

They are propaganda warriors whose only requirement is to be presented with battle scenarios. Good soldiers don’t ask why they’re fighting. Good soldiers just need orders, and this is what this document achieves – infantile prompts on how to engage the enemy in various info war scenarios.

III: Get-out-of-jail card for vaccine producers automatically assumed

Liability protection for vaccine providers was envisaged in the 2017 document alongside the contractual requirement to ensure “safe and effective” products – a patently illogical contradiction, since if you were contractually required to deliver a safe and effective product, then failure to do so would be a breach of contract. But if the contract can be breached with impunity, there’s clearly no incentive to honour it. It confirms that as far back as 2017, safety and efficacy were known to be a pipe dream and that the taxpayer would pay the price for this baked-in failure. One of the communication dilemmas posed by this in the Pandemic Play: how to deal with the consequences of health officials understating the “potential risks of a novel SPARS vaccine when long-term effects are not yet known”. [emphasis added] Sound familiar?

IV: Just a spoonful of sugar makes the bad medicine go down

The Pandemic Play foretold the fallout from the release of an ineffective and unsafe anti-viral drug, “Kalocivir”. Here we see the tightrope walk that is to become familiar: on the one hand, the inevitable calamities that ensue as part of a manufactured pseudo pandemic must be presented as dilemmas to the “risk communicators” if they are to appreciate their task but, on the other hand, these calamities must also be positioned as problems merely of perception to be solved by massaging the message. Downplaying the true nature of the failure is intended to reassure the reader that it’s perfectly reasonable to paper over these cracks because they’re not atrocities caused by the modus operandi of the psychopaths at the helm of Big Pharma; they’re just problems of perception, in the same way the pain of the vaccine injured was dismissed by so many physicians as psychological. This speaks to the level of contempt in which the public is held by the pandemic planners.

This is the line between using communications as a tool to disseminate health information and using communications as a tool to manipulate public perception. Trying to navigate the two when the first was never a sincere goal causes the whole document to descend into farce from the outset.

The Pandemic Play describes Kalocivir’s side-effects as severe stomach cramping and projectile vomiting while adding that it was “not completely effective at treating SPARS”. Covid’s Remdesivir, which also turned out to be “not completely effective”, was renamed Run-Death-Is-Near by nurses in the US who saw its effects first-hand.

The communication dilemma posed by the ineffective anti-viral with “potential side effects” is: “why might communicating the science around MCM [Medical Counter Measures] adverse effects alone not be enough to address the public’s fears and concerns about a MCM like Kalocivir”. Fair point: science can never be enough if you’re peddling a defective product. So, what extra help should be recruited? The answer, posited again in the form of an infantile nudge question, is: “Why is it also important to communicate with compassion, concern, and empathy?”. Because compassion and empathy are all that’s needed to make really bad medicine go down.

This is a paradox of psychopathy. Psychopaths cause harm because they have no empathy. But they understand that fake empathy can be weaponised against normal humans to ameliorate the damage they inflict.

V: Unsafe and ineffective? Switch the conversation to uncertainty

A closely related communication dilemma invites risk communicators to grapple with drug “safety and efficacy” spin: “In the time leading up to the newly revealed data about antiviral safety and efficacy how might health communicators have better prepared the public for uncertainty and fluidity of crisis response and the need to act in the absence of complete information?” [emphasis added]. It’s worth parsing this because of the implicit and casual assumption of criminality in drug deployment.

“Newly revealed” data obviously implies a deficiency in the data that preceded it and so data deficiency, though couched in evasive terms, is envisaged as par for the course. Newly revealed data just emerges mysteriously, and we are not to ask questions about why the preceding data was unreliable. In the real, or more accurately surreal, covid world, we know the deficiency was caused by rushed and fraudulent trials. Of course, under the circumstances, the only viable source of the “newly revealed data” is from post-marketing analysis. In other words, the public at large is the guinea pig. The need to “act in the absence of complete information” is a euphemism for authorising the marketing of drugs that haven’t been properly tested for safety and efficacy.

Let’s be clear – this is a document from a prestigious scientific institution that advocates using the public as guinea pigs in industrial-scale medical experimentation and cynically disguises this as an imperative driven by “uncertainty and fluidity”. Here is Fauci on 4th October 2022 explaining the only thing, in his opinion, that he got wrong during the handling of the pandemic: “I probably should have tried to be much, much more careful in getting the message to repeat — the uncertainty of what we’re going through”. Fauci certainly read his copy of the Pandemic Play.

VI: Vaccine hesitancy – black arms matter

Next up on the agenda: cultural messaging. The public, aware that the case fatality rate is only 0.6%, is “grow[ing] increasingly hostile toward continued SPARS messaging.” Damn right they are! The problem for the pandemic planners in their ‘hypothetical’ kindergarten Pandemic Play is that the Holy Vaccine has not yet been blessed by the CDC for rollout. Back in 2017, they hadn’t yet conceived of the eight-mouse test. In 2017, the novices playing pandemic wargames thought the vaccine would take longer than a year to roll out, even under their envisaged “accelerated clinical trial process”. They had not bargained on Big Pharma Warp Speeding them into the world’s veins in six months. Perhaps the distribution of this document in 2017 proved invaluable in concentrating minds to find a solution to this particular dilemma.

At any rate, the document provides classroom material for woke racism as it broaches how to tackle African Americans who just don’t seem to want to get over the Nazi-like Tuskegee experiment that was conducted on Black people after the Nazis were supposedly defeated in 1945. (This shocking experiment began in 1932 and ended only in 1972 after exposure by investigative journalists.) How to overcome this irksome resistance? With the condescending cringe fest of a celebrity endorsement circus, of course! Just roll out a former president and, wait for it, a “popular hip-hop star by the name of BZee”. I. Kid. You. Not.

The woke racist solution to be deployed for these “community” crises is: “pre-crisis partnerships and alliances with intermediary groups and/or opinion leaders…to reduce the likelihood and mitigate the impact of anti-Corovax sentiments among specific minority groups.”

VII: Psychopaths also have a sense of humour

There is a psychopathic sense of humour on display towards the end of the document when, not for the first time, the planners foretell justified public wrath aimed at “several influential politicians and agency representatives…for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain”. The awful suggestion of political deception in exaggerating the threat is dismissed as a canard by wryly adding that the witless public can be forgiven for thinking they got scammed because “successful efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic created the illusion that the event was not nearly as serious as experts suggested it would be.”

In other words, the deftness of the experts and politicians in averting total annihilation prevents the public from appreciating just how bad things would have been had they not been there to shield the sheep from the flu-like pathogen with a CFR of 0.6%.

As we well know, this droll observation eventually played out in the live covid world as: imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t locked down and stopped the NHS from working, put thousands out of work, set the education of our children back, caused depression, anxiety and addiction to skyrocket; imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t pumped pathogenic spike protein laced with anaphylactic polyethylene glycol and blood vessel-shredding graphene oxide into your veins. Why aren’t you grateful?

12 thoughts on “Pandemic Aftermath: Understanding the Reveal Stage of the Pandemic Play – Are We Winning?

  1. There is much malignancy at play in the ‘plandemic’ and the roots of it are well traced in this lengthy article. However, those orchestrating events, spinning the plates, are not fully in control of humanity’s future. The author presents a variety of scenarios and possible responses but the ‘plandemic’, ‘energy crises’, ‘wars’ are taking on a life of their own and can develop in all sorts of unexpected ways, which can wrest the initiative from the ‘planners’. The future is unpredictable and does not marry so finely tuned to the machinations of psychopaths in our midst.

  2. Wow! Thank you for this. It is a great effort. My empirical data suggests there is something larger going on. It appears the “vaccine” actually contains within it something that changes the recipient in such a way as to dull them out from any rational responses to deaths and harms. The rational response when someone harms or kills your family and friends would be anger toward the perpetrator. Within my circle of family and friend there have been deaths (4) and many harms, but I see no anger. One death was the following day after injection and another was four days later. One who’s cancer had been in remission for a decade had the cancer return and kill him in a manner of weeks. There is no acknowledgment that the injection might have been responsible, and upon my suggestion there might be a causal link the anger was directed at me for even suggesting it. These people’s minds are not functioning correctly. They have been altered in some way so they cannot add up the one and one and come to the logical two. Because they cannot get to the logical answer of two for the addition of one plus one there is no anger within them. For them this is all normal. Otherwise healthy people dropping dead is normal. Young adults dying of heart issues, all normal. It’s the “new normal”. Suggest otherwise and the anger that should have been aimed at those responsible is instead directed at you. These people’s minds have been captured.

    1. I am someone who did receive a dose (but it was J&J, not the mRNA ones which I didn’t trust at ALL… I’m stubborn and usually wait at least 5-10 years for technology to be proven before I adopt something “new”). At first I figured that the fears were overblown, it was the same platform as the Ebola vax (an outbreak they contained quickly), and hey – hearing loss and tinnitus are just silliness and would not be so bad anyway, right?

      And now 18 or so months after the shot, I have partial hearing loss and tinnitus (one side), and can’t seem to exert myself without chest pain. Blood sugar (A1C) also took a huge, sudden spike up. And AFTER those things happened, I caught Covid anyway over the winter. I’m still trying to figure out how; I also thought booster shedding sounded outlandish but it’s the only explanation (only places I went were my in-laws’ and the dentist, and the in-laws had JUST gotten boosters). I used to do 10+ mile hikes in the mountains with thousands of feet of elevation gain. But in the last three attempts I have barely made it 2 miles and I legit thought I was going to die each time. Body just won’t take it.

      Maybe I’m an anomaly, but I’m still angry and will never forgive the lockdown/mask/vax crowd and carry eternal bitterness about it. I do wish my wife hadn’t convinced me to “just go along,” even though it would likely have cost me my job. She got one of the mRNA ones and despite her lip service to the terrible state of the world, she doesn’t seem to have any fight in her to actually DO anything about it.

      And they STILL have vax requirements for staffing and schools, despite it being PROVEN it stops neither transmission nor infection. Even if any requirements were legitimate (they’re not, they’re a human rights violation), there is LITERALLY no reason to maintain them.

      My best guess is the West is headed for sporadic but suppressed tribal violence, used as an excuse for the globalist scum to consolidate power, maybe like Iraq under Hussein. It will happen because NOTHING is getting better and is ACTIVELY getting worse.

    2. Hi William, your story resonates with me and my experience. Anger does not exist amongst the vaccinated except for their hatred of the unvaxxed.

  3. The answer at the bottom of all of this is to understand and accept that viruses don’t cause illness. They are just fellow travelers. Also there are no biological weapons. Every genetic sequence possible has already existed. Why do you think those clickbait articles have ‘pictures of Nicolas Cage from the 1800s? Because there are only so many possible genetic combinations. You’re gonna get copies.
    So there are no new viruses. There are a fairly finite number of viruses possible and if they don’t exist now they’re extinct. It’s nonsense. Yes therere many poisons, venoms, fungi and parasites and other such things that can kill you, but we can see and isolate and verify those things. Viruses are fabrications and none has ever been properly isolated or proven to cause illness. Believe what you want about the vaccine or pandemic, but if you can’t get all the way here you’re just gonna get duped by the next 100 pandemic plays. Wake up. Try reading. A huge number of medical professionals don’t accept germ theory and never have. Prove it to yourself.

  4. Hi William, your story resonates with me and my experience. Anger does not exist amongst the vaccinated except for their hatred of the unvaxxed.

  5. What if something / someone / has taken over the Left as a Wolf in Sheeps clothing?
    It bears little resemblance to it back in 2003.
    What agenda do they have and why?
    I find James Lindsay’s in-depth analysis fascinating as my own experience is to become politically homeless as I don’t agree with much from anyone these days.

  6. Revelation (titled The Revelation of Jesus Christ) predicts massive numbers dying of plagues, and the grievous sores that afflict the people who receive the mark.

    The king asked the three Hebrew children whether their God would save them from the fiery furnace. They said “We do not know, BUT IF NOT”, we will NOT bow down to your image”.

    They were not singed, not even the smell. John did not fry when the Romans threw him into a pot of boiling oil, so he was exiled to the isle of Patmos where he received visions of what is happening now.

    The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

  7. Re a ‘flu-like pathogen with a CFR of 0.6%’, it’s not even that high. In mid-2021, Steve Baker MP asked a parliamentary question and was told the estimated IFR was 0.096%. I do know unjabbed people (my ‘circle’ are aged 55-80) who had an illness like flu but I know more – including me – who had a slightly sore throat or nothing.

    On some reports the magnetism came from mild steel mfcg. contamination, not graphene oxide. We can surmise that with no liability, if you’re trying to deliver ‘shareholder value’ you probably do the very least you can get away with.

    Try the World Council for Health if you’ve been jab-injured. Also websites of many diverse nutrition experts who woke up in time not to take it, e.g. Robb Wolf, Chris Masterjohn, Ivor Cummins.

    On my perspective, the world runs on both cockup and conspiracy. The latter was proven when good people uncovered the H1N1/WHO/Pandremix 2009 scandal. However, it helps the elite if people think it only runs on incompetence.

    I’ve been politically homeless for decades. Note that most of parliament’s votes against restrictions came from the ‘right’ and ‘left’, not from the ‘WEF Party’ of Starmer, Sunak & Hunt. See Al Jazeera’s documentary on the Starmer takeover from Corbyn and further marginalisation of ‘the old left’, or the Morning Star covered it.

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